Can’t Open JPEG File: 8 Most Recommended Solutions

Can’t Open JPEG File? Is it true that you can’t open JPEG/JPG photographs in Photoshop or can’t see JPEG files in Windows 10? Or, on the other hand, your Photo App doesn’t open any JPEG pictures? Let’s now proceed with the answers to quickly fix your problem with the JPEG file.


Taken from any camera, moved from any source or saved in any storage media, read on, to discover can’t open JPEG file: 8 most recommended solutions here on open-jpg-file. You can also learn how to convert JPG to PDF file or PDF to JPG file. If you can’t open JPG file, we also have solutions that you can try.

Update to most recent Photo Viewer or Photos App 

If you can’t open JPEG photographs in Windows, update your Photo Viewer or Photos App. Updates generally fix bugs that forestall your JPEG documents to open. 

Return to Photo Viewer of an older version

A few Windows 10 clients grumble their JPEG pictures don’t open in the Photos App. You can generally decide to go back to a more established rendition of Photo Viewer and use it to open JPEG/JPG images. 

Rename your JPEG file

One of the least sophisticated hack to get to JPEG pictures that are not opening is to rename them without changing the file extension (.jpeg). Try this simple solution first before we proceed to more complex ones. This may be the only thing you need to do.

Open JPEG photograph in Paint 

If the JPEG photographs open in MS Paint, it implies the document isn’t yet harmed. If it doesn’t open and gives you a blunder message, at that point, your JPEG photographs have turned corrupted. A JPEG/JPG photograph repair software is the guaranteed answer for recuperating them in such a circumstance. 

Open JPEG photographs in Image Editors 

If your JPEG photographs not opening in Photos App, try to see them in the Image Editor program like Picasa, Photoshop, or Inkscape. Open the JPEG photographs with Image Editors and rename the JPEG document without changing the extension. This should fix blunder ‘failed to open JPEG file.’ 

Perform Clean Boot in your PC 

Clean Boot helps in distinguishing and fixing if a third-party application running out of sight on your system is causing the JPEG issue. It could be your enemy of infection arrangement, operation, utility applications, or some other software.

Steps to perform Clean Boot: 

Clean Boot takes out software struggles that happen due to installing apps on your system.  Here are the steps to perform Clean Boot:

  • Log in to the PC as an administrator
  • Type ‘msconfig’ in start Search. Press Enter. The System Configuration Utility window opens 
  • Snap-on General> Selective Startup. Uncheck the Load Startup Items box and check Load System Services and Use Original boot setup box 
  • Next, snap-on Services tab. Select Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox at the bottom. Snap Disable all 
  • Snap Apply/OK and restart the PC 

Try to open your JPEG images to check whether the blunder is fixed. To configure your PC in the normal startup mode, fix the progressions made previously. 

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Use filter/SFC in Command Prompt 

If you can’t open your JPEG/JPG files because of any damage or corruption to your data, it very well may be fixed with SFC/filter currently in Command Prompt on Windows PC. This strategy fixes minor corruption in JPEG/JPG photographs. 

Steps fix photographs with Command Prompt: 

  • Type CMD in Windows Start box 
  • Right snap-on CMD and select Run as Administrator 
  • Open the direction brief, type SFC/filter now and Enter 
  • When the fix and filtering process completes restarting your PC 
  • Now you ought to have the option to open and view your JPEG photographs. 

Perform CHKSDSK command

At times corruption in your computer disk doesn’t let you open JPEG/JPG photographs. Performing the CHKDSK command on Windows can help in such a circumstance. CHKDSK command filters the file system on a disk volume, checks for terrible areas, and fixes the logical errors. 

Steps to run CHKDSK from the command brief in Windows 10: 

  • In Windows Start Menu, select Search, and type in CMD 
  • Right snap-on Command Prompt from the list items list 
  • Snap Run as director 
  • Sign in as an Administrator 
  • When Command Prompt launches, type the order: chkdsk C:/f/r/x 
  • When procedure completes, restart the PC 

Can’t Open JPEG File? We’re Here To Help!

Being not able to open JPEG files is a typical issue. Try the above most ideal approaches to fix the problem. You can likewise decide to sidestep a few other exhausting investigating ways.

Which one has tackled your concern? Let us know by sharing your experience through the comment box below.

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