Can’t Open JPG File on Windows 10: 5 Effective Solutions

Can’t Open JPG File on Windows 10? If you are trying to open JPG file and unfortunately can’t make it, this article is for you!  Here, you will discover the best and practical approaches to fix your problem if you can’t open the JPG file on Windows 10 and other versions. Are you ready? Let’s start the discussion!

Can't Open JPG File

Every one of the given strategies can be your answer. You can also read related issues that the Open JPG File can provide to you.

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1. Move back to default setting Photo application 

This technique is the first since it helps tons of clients who, because of specific reasons, can’t open a JPG file. So do the accompanying: 

  • Go to Settings. There, select the Applications tab, then click Applications and Features.
  • Discover and choose advanced options.
  • You have to choose the left mouse button, “Reset.”This will begin the procedure of resetting all the default settings. 
  • Restart the PC and check if the JPG opens. 
  • If you, despite everything, can’t open JPG files on Windows 10, continue to the following technique. 

2. Make Photo application as the default program to open JPG documents 

We should take Photo applications, for instance, as the default program. You can utilize some other, similar to Office Picture Manager or Photo Viewer. 

  • To start with, open the Control Panel by right-clicking Start.
  • Select the Default program with the left mouse button. 
  • Then select the tab “associate a file type or convention with the program.” You can open all .jpg images utilizing Photo applications. 

If this strategy didn’t help, you, despite everything, can’t open JPG files. Maybe this isn’t a suitable solution. Proceed and try the 3rd method. 

3. Try distinctive Photo viewer programs 

Remember that you generally have the chance to open .jpg document standard connected MS Paint. If this program doesn’t help, take a stab at installing and utilizing other image editors, for example, Image Editor, Photoshop, Picasa, Inkscape, and so forth. Take a stab at changing the file name. However, don’t contact the augmentation. Change it, simply after you duplicate the file. 

If this helps, that’s good. The solution only proves that your documents are safe, yet a program crash happened, or it is just contradictory to this kind of file. 

Yet, if this doesn’t help you solve your problem, don’t lose hope! Read and try the next solution, and you might get it right this time!

4. Make a copy and rename it

Another straightforward strategy is to commonly copy the JPG file and change the document’s original extension. If you change the augmentation of the unopened document – there is a danger of losing it until the end of time. 

Make a copy then change the extension from JPG to some other (png, for instance). If the suggestion doesn’t work, then try to use an online converter. 

If you are as yet incapable of opening JPG documents in Windows 10, in all probability, the files are corrupted and are impossible in such simple ways to open it. Right now, it would be best if you will try the last technique to make sure that files are all set up. 

5. Delete the outdated registry keys

Once in a while, Windows 10 won’t open JPG documents since registry entries are outdated, yet you can restore it by changing the library and following the means below: 

  • Sign in as an administrator.
  • Right snap Start and choose Run.  
  • Type re-edit and press enter.
  • Go to one side sheet and discover the index.  
  • You’ll see a few sections. Each has an adaptation number. If it has 8 Windows Photos application passages, then the outdated registry keys were left after the update, so you need to remove them. 
  • Select the old entry and right snap then. select Permissions 
  • In the Security window, click Advanced. 
  • Pick your client’s name and click OK. 
  • Right snap on the old section and choose Delete. 
  • Repeat these means with each outdated section and afterward exit and restart your PC.

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Can’t Open JPG File on Windows 10? We’re Here to Help!

Windows 10 is an extraordinary operating system with lots of cool new highlights. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without issues. Each operating system appears to look now and then. One of its popular problems is the failure of Windows 10 to open a JPG file. It’s a typical issue that will, in general, pop-up once in a while. But with what we provided suggested solutions, we hope that you can fix the problem.

Have any of these solutions helped you fix the Windows 10 can’t open JPG files issue? Tell us by sharing your comment below. We would be grateful if you will share other solutions that helped you with the same problem.

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